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POWER DEMOCRACY - The Only New Idea In Politics! - "The Power Of Voice"
Democracy Explosion!


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The Power of One!

Just Look At What You Can Do!

The only way to save America and to save the planet is to get control of the government back into the hands of the people; and the only way to do that is to institute Power Democracy's pyramid election system described in Principle Six of "The Ten Principles Of Democracism."
You can make this happen simply by recruiting people who will recruit recruiters, who will recruit recruiters, etc., who will all demand implementation of grass-roots pyramid democracy.
If you, and the people you recruit, commit to recruiting just two recruiters per month in the cause of Power Democracy, in only 28 months, by your efforts alone, over 268 million people will be demanding implementation of pyramid democracy elections. That is The Power Of Voice. Do your part and Victory Is Certain!

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Power Democracy

The Power Of One