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POWER DEMOCRACY - The Only New Idea In Politics! - "The Power Of Voice"
Time To Take The Offensive!


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Pro-Democracy Forces Continue To Lose Battles
Because They Have Already Lost The War!

Power Democracy Must Take

The Offensive!

James F. Caldwell


In American politics, for well over two decades one inexorable trend has become obvious: government at all levels has become increasingly the instrument of financially powerful anti-democratic forces. Wherever the best interests of the American people have collided with those of what has now become The Multinational Corporate World Empire (MCWE), government has consistently suppressed the will of the people and supported the interests of The MCWE. This has been true whether the issue has been protecting the natural environment, consumer protection, taxation policy, police practices, domestic spending priorities, urban and suburban quality of life issues, health care, the price of prescription drugs, a level playing field for small and medium sized businesses, reversing the effects of global climate change, or the costs and availability of electricity and other sources of energy.

This state of affairs can only go from bad to worse for one simple reason: Pro-democracy forces in America have no offensive strategy! Whether in sports, war, or politics, if the best you can do, is to try to stop your opponent's offense, you can only expect to lose ground until you are ultimately defeated. That is what has been happening in America for over twenty years, and will continue unabated unless the pro-democracy forces take the offensive and defeat the power of The MCWE to control our government. The offensive power of The MCWE lies in its ability to use the power of money to control every phase of the election system, from nomination to campaign promotion of candidates. Pro-democracy forces are left with pathetic attempts to influence government through the few pro-democracy candidates, who despite the odds, are actually elected, or else through attempts at redress in a court system as beholden to The MCWE as the elected officials who appoint the judges. Direct-action protests, such as picketing, marches, and protest rallies amount to little more than gnats annoying an elephant. Without democratic control of the mechanisms of government, all defensive tactical efforts at reform and redress, no matter how heroic, are doomed to failure before they are even conceived.

Consequently, all attempts at reforming the current election system only play into the hands of The MCWE. The MCWE has proven conclusively that it can easily manipulate and control the outcome of any large-scale mass election at any level of government. The only electoral reform capable of defeating the financial power of The MCWE is the alternative election system known as pyramid democracy, described in Principle Six of The Ten Principles Of Democracism. Victory in the struggle to institute pyramid democracy elections constitutes the essential offensive strategy at the foundation of all pro-democracy tactics. The name that has been given to this struggle is The Power Of Voice Movement. If you believe in democracy, joining The Power Of Voice Movement is your best and only hope for saving American democracy. The future of the world depends on victory in this struggle.

Power Democracy must take the offensive!

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