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Three Tests For Whether We Live In A Democracy


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Three Tests For Whether We Live In A Democracy


Three Tests For Whether We Live In A Democracy


James F. Caldwell


Americans generally assume that they live in a democracy, principally because they have faith in The Constitution, and because they can vote in regular elections. But if democracy means that the people control the government, why are the people afraid of the government, and why does more than half of the electorate consider voting a waste of time? The answers can be found by considering the following three questions:


Do The People Nominate?


In America, Nominating really means making it possible for a candidate to run a campaign, in other words, financially bankrolling a candidate. Obviously, whoever bankrolls a candidate owns the primary allegiance of that candidate, both before and after the election. That is why our government places the welfare of wealthy corporate contributors ahead of the best interests of the American people. Under the present system, the people have no candidates, because the people do not Nominate.


Do The People Legislate?


How often is the will of the people enacted into law? Any bill designed to benefit the public is usually so watered down with amendments by the time it passes both houses of Congress that it is hardly recognizable to those who proposed it in the first place. The same is true of government at all levels. Clearly, the business of government is not  to enact the will of the people into law. The people do not Legislate.


Do The People Rule?


To Rule means that the government passes and enforces laws that benefit the people. Even when such a law is passed, opposing corporate interests, simply tie it up in court until they can have it repealed, or otherwise ensure that it is not enforced. Reality: Since whoever Nominates also Legislates and Rules, the people do not Rule.


Only a pyramid election system, as outlined in The Ten Principles Of Democracism, can return control of Nomination, Legislation, and Rule to the American People, from the grass roots upward. None of the election reforms being discussed in the corporate controlled media, can pass these three tests. Until pyramid election democracy is implemented, America will continue to be a virtual colony of the MCWE (the Multinational Corporate World Empire). If America is to be a real democracy, We the people must Nominate, Legislate, and Rule!


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We the People Nominate, We the People Legislate, We the People RULE!