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James F. Caldwell


Who by now doesnt realize the Multinational Corporate World Empire (MCWE) owns The President, The US Congress, state legislatures, county government, city halls, judges, the media, and the police. That's how the MCWE gets away with cutting down rain forests, polluting oceans, poisoning the air and water, and making the climate scary - all for the greater glory of obscene corporate profits. The MCWE drives down our standard of living by exporting American jobs to third world countries where people are forced to work for near starvation wages. Then we have to work like slaves to pay for health insurance while every civilized country in the world considers health care a right. Meanwhile, mega-corporations continue to spread deregulation influence-money from one end of government to the other. Once the bottom falls out, like it did with Enron, you can watch the politicians frantically stuffing cash deep down in their pockets, praying it wont fall out while they're on TV expressing moral outrage. None one ever goes to jail, because the crooks buy the laws that make it all perfectly legal. What they make illegal is resistance, especially organized resistance to corporate conformity and consumerism. That's why politicians send police to break up peaceful gatherings where people dare to be different, reject corporate spam-culture music, listen to their own music instead, and tell the MCWE they can't be intimidated into conformity, inaction, or silence.

What Is The MCWE Afraid Of?

Why do they break up peaceful gatherings? With all that power, you'd think the MCWE would have nothing to fear. But the MCWE is terrified the American people will organize around the demand for real democracy in America. The MCWE knows the secret to their political power is organization and money. Their strategy is to use money to control who gets nominated and elected to office and to divide and control the American people. They know they can easily continue to defeat all of the single-issue popular protest movements. That is because these movements are not united, and even if they were, they could never compete with the MCWE in financing large-scale direct elections. The whole country is sick of the corruption, but nobody knows what to do.

The Power Democracy Solution!

As long as elections are held on a massive scale, reaching voters will require so much money that the MCWE can never be defeated by reform measures of any kind. Like water flowing around obstacles to reach the sea, money flows to those who serve its interests, especially politicians.


Only by eliminating the advantage that money confers, can the power of money to corrupt elections be defeated!


Direct elections - where everyone votes directly for candidates - must be mass elections. Mass elections are anti-democratic expensive marketing campaigns, pure and simple. That is why the only way to defeat the power of money is through an indirect election system: the Power Democracy Pyramid Election System! Simply put, with Power Democracy, voting begins at the precinct level with a candidate who canvasses door to door to solicit at least 50 votes. This type of campaigning requires almost no money and it constitutes Level One of the pyramid. Every candidate who collects at least 50 votes is thereby NOMINATED by the people in his or her precinct to carry "the power of their voice" to Level Two of the pyramid. At Level Two, representatives from Level One meet in groups of about 50 and discuss the will of the people they represent from their precincts. Thus, the people LEGISLATE. At Level Two meetings, a candidate wishing to be a representative to Level Three of the pyramid election must receive at least 50 votes from other Level Two representatives. That means a Level Three representative would represent at least 50 votes from the second level, each of which would represent at least 50 votes from the first level, a minimum of: 50 x 50 or 2,500 people. At Level Three, the process is repeated so that a Level Four representative would represent at least 2,500 x 50 or 125,000 voters. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary and can accommodate an election of any size. The elected representative at the top of the pyramid would have been elected by representatives of representatives all the way down to the grass roots level, without needing any substantial amount of money! The Power Democracy Pyramid Election is the only way to defeat the MCWE strategy of corrupting elections through the power of money.

We Must Organize!

Military history teaches that superior organization of smaller forces consistently defeats poorly organized much larger forces. The strength of the MCWE is their superior organization. They have the money, but we have the numbers. With our vastly superior numbers, once we organize, we will easily defeat the MCWE. But we must recruit and organize! America must have people willing to make sacrifices for freedom, people willing to rally, protest, and march! She needs artists, musicians, writers, and speakers to spread the word. To bring about a truly just and free society, the Power Democracy movement must be completely democratic. All political activity must be carried out according to the principles of peaceful nonviolence expounded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The now separate and easily defeated single-issue protest movements must be united as a single, sharply focused, and invincible Power Democracy movement. Power Democracy will fulfill the vision of The Declaration Of Independence, restore hope to America, and institute a government truly "Of the people, by the people and for the people" through peaceful democratic means. Therefore, Power Democracy will win over the police and the military. To accomplish this we must assemble, march together, and raise our voices as one united voice for the American People, proclaiming the Power Democracy Call To Freedom:


"We the People NOMINATE!

We the People, LEGISLATE!

We the People RULE!"





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