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Like-It-Is Glossary


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Glossary Of Contemporary Political Terms

American justice:
If you have to ask how much it costs, you cant afford it.
average voter:
Consumer of seasoned smoked sausage made of mixed meats; also a mark.
campaign debate:
Smoking contest featuring quadruple talk (double talk times two, i.e. zero to the fourth power).
campaign financiers:
Casino partners; dog track owners.
campaign finance reform:
Installing smoke detectors in a burning house; a broom for sweeping back the tide.
campaign issues:
Drums, trumpets, fireworks and flags; issues that change nothing; what the American people are told they really want.
An obsolete form of government superseded by multinational corporate plutocracy (rule by wealth).
Average voters decide whom they will pay to ignore their interests and pick their pockets.
election news coverage: Baby talk, courtesy of multinational corporate media; older male sibling wearing a happy face.
House Of Representatives:
A government auction.
multinational corporation:
Campaign financier; a network of machines with human connectors; a virus.
President Of The United States:
Top Dog (see two party system).
pyramid election system:
Grass roots democracy, the only real democracy.
United States Constitution:
Blueprint for a house from which the foundation has been removed.
United States Senate:
A stuffy government auction.
third party:
Citizens in a crooked casino playing poker with a cold deck.
two party system:
Two heads, one dog; a shell game.
Vice President:
A dog that can fetch.
wealthy special interest groups:
Masters of dogs.

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