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U.S. gas prices jump 8.6 cents

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Real World News, real proof that America and the World are in more trouble than most people realize.

Big Energy at the Table

Winning support for your agenda is easy when your allies fill out the administration's top chairs

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After decades of sticking their heads in the sand about the hazards of tobacco, Philip Morris has found a new tactic -- promoting the benefits to society of premature deaths from smoking


The enemies of democracy are flexing their muscles. A corporate front group calling itself Frontiers of Freedom has petitioned U.S. tax officials to revoke the tax-exempt status of Rainforest Action Network (RAN), a major environmental organization ( If successful, the petition would put Rainforest Action Network out of business, and would open the door for lethal attacks on other environmental advocates. Frontiers of Freedom acknowledged to the Wall Street Journal that, if successful against RAN, "it will challenge other environmental groups."

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