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POWER DEMOCRACY - The Only New Idea In Politics! - "The Power Of Voice"
The Power Of (Your) Voice


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James F. Caldwell


You have in your hands an idea that will transform the world for the good. The future of the earth depends on what you do with it. Virtually everyone knows that a group of enormously powerful multinational corporations are taking control of the economic, political, and social life of the world. These corporations make up the Multinational Corporate World Empire (MCWE). Everything on the planet, including all human beings, is being reduced to one of four categories and treated accordingly: raw materials to be exploited, human and mechanical replacement parts for the corporations, mindless consumers of corporate products, and disposable junk. Because their only concern is to make as much money as possible, they are destroying the earths ability to sustain life. Unless you and I stop them, they will cause the deaths of untold millions, perhaps billions of people. No one in the world will be safe.

     The MCWE represents a relatively small group of people when compared to the rest of the people in the world. But they control government at all levels through the power of money. They make sure that it almost always takes enormous amounts of money to run for office. Since they have the money, they own the politicians who are supposed to represent the people. They also own virtually all of the media, including newspapers, television and radio networks, book publishing companies, record companies, and motion picture studios. Very little information reaches the public that is dangerous to their aims, interests, and purposes.

Because the MCWE is so financially and politically powerful, most people have been intimidated into silence. It is silence, and controlling what people know, that gives the MCWE its power. What they cannot control is the Power Of Your Voice and The Power Of Your Will. If you share this document with at least two people each month who each share it with two other people, and so on, then within only 28 months everyone in the United States will know what to do.



How To Defeat The MCWE


The MCWE, and the media they own, want everyone to believe that the only way to conduct an election is the present system that is hugely expensive, and therefore guarantees their continued control of government at all levels, from the top down. But the truth is that a pyramid election system, that the people control from the bottom up (like the DEMOS logo), would not require that candidates running for office spend large amounts of money. The concept is simple and it can be implemented in different ways. Basically, people meet in small groups of about 50 and select a representative. This is level one. At level two, the representatives from level one meet in groups of about 50 and select a representative to go to level three, and so on until one representative is finally selected at the top of the pyramid. Pyramid elections provide for Nomination of representatives by the people themselves. Under the present system, the MCWE nominates through the power of money. In a true democracy, the people must Nominate, Legislate, and Rule. To Legislate means to pass laws that express the will of the people instead of the will of the MCWE. Rule means that the laws that are passed are enforced instead of ignored and repealed when the public isnt watching. Only pyramid elections make it possible for the people to Nominate, Legislate and Rule.


What To Do


          Refuse to let the MCWE intimidate you into silence.

          Copy this document, front and back, fax it, share it, and discuss it with as many people as possible, asking them to help you spread the word also.

          Support efforts to implement pyramid elections, beginning with local government elections, to replace the present system of government by auction with real democracy.

          Go to the web site at to download new copies of this document as needed, as well as any other information you can use.

          In conversations with other voters, help people understand how the MCWE is responsible for most of the corrupt government policies that conscientious citizens oppose. Focus dissent and place blame where it belongs.

          Remember, the future depends on the Power Of Your Voice!

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