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POWER DEMOCRACY - The Only New Idea In Politics! - "The Power Of Voice"


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James F. Caldwell


What would it take to make you talk like a slave? Most Americans will be surprised to learn they already talk like salves. Everything that you will read below would be taken for granted in a truly free society. The fact that you may find it shocking is proof that Americans live in slavery.

"The Golden Rule: Whoever Has The Gold Makes The Rules"

When someone repeats this dictum, it is often accompanied by a smirk as if the speaker thinks he or she has just said something clever. But unless you are part of The Top One Percent or so of the population who controls the government through the system of legalized bribery known as campaign contributions, accepting this "Golden Rule" means accepting your own status as a slave - "slave talk."  The essential feature of slavery is that other people have the power to control your life. Even though the fact that others have this power may be unjust, morally indefensible, and contrary to the spirit of The Declaration Of Independence and The U.S. Constitution, it may be, nonetheless, perfectly legal, just as slavery was in the antebellum South. Here are a few examples of your status as a slave:

        Your job may be taken away from you and exported over seas at any time without recourse. You could lose everything you've worked for.

        If you cannot afford to buy a house, you will be forced to make payments forever on property you will never own through the system of legalized impoverishment known as "rent."

        If you openly oppose any of the unjust policies of a company you work for, you may be fired from your job. So much for "free speech."


        Big corporations and The Top One Per Cent have tax breaks written into law that shift the cost of government from them to you and put small business out of business. Free enterprise.

        The formerly "free press," now the corporate-controlled media, insures that only news that does not challenge the status quo gets reported. Better not to tell the slaves they're slaves.

        In universities, most fear to speak the truth.

        Your rights are only what you can afford to defend in prohibitively expensive legal proceedings, presided over by judges elected by campaign contributions or else appointed by officials elected by campaign contributions.

The only reason this deplorable situation continues to exist is because you and I tolerate it. You hear slave talk everywhere as people express resignation to their powerlessness. We must replace powerless pseudo-democracy that breeds slave talk by promoting Power Democracy through The Power Of Your Voice. Power Democracy is "The Only New Idea In Politics!" At learn how the Power Democracy Pyramid Election System defeats the power of money in politics, increases voter turnout, defeats gerrymandering, replaces corrupt elected officials, and insures that We The People NOMINATE our representatives, LEGISLATE our will into law, and RULE by enforcing the laws that express the will of The American People. Defeat submissive slave talk by replacing it with the Power Democracy Call To Freedom:

"We the People NOMINATE!

We the People LEGISLATE!

We the People RULE!"

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